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Norbert One of my Atmospheric Black Metal favorite albums very original and innovative; atmospheric, melodic and epic that connects you with land and consciousness. Favorite track: Wayfarer Eternal.
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Master of Muppets How utterly refreshing it is to discover an album of this sort, one which holds trve to the tenets of black metal while still managing to bring something new to the (presumably obsidian) table. Well-placed chants and cleans add a believable human element to an otherwise unearthly blackened soundscape, the carefully maintained balance creating a truly standout experience amidst an overabundance of other, less imaginative black metal acts. Get this, now. Favorite track: In Death, Valiant.
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Fellwarden was a concept forged by The Watcher (Fen, De Arma) back in 2014 to give voice to an epic, exultant form of black metal that nonetheless carries with it echoes of deep lamentation and remembrance. The Watcher’s goal was simple – to tell tales of sacrifice, of long-forgotten heroism and the rearing timelessness of the storm-forged landscape against a backdrop of windswept extreme metal. Fellwarden’s sound is steeped passionate vocals, subtle waves of keyboards, acoustic guitars, booming choirs and powerful riffs, underpinned by a cavernous percussive battery courtesy of Havenless (also of Fen).

After two years of careful crafting, the debut album of Fellwarden ‘Oathbearer’ is now ready to be proudly unleashed by Eisenwald – six stirring hymns of strident ambience and powerfully emotive songwriting. A heavily layered, textured release, ‘Oathbearer’ at once convokes the essence of contemporary acts such as Drudkh and Negura Bunget whilst simultaneously channelling the spirit of the old masters – Summoning, Bathory, Abigor, (early) Emperor and (early) Ulver.


released June 16, 2017

The Watcher – All vocals, stringed instruments and keys
Havenless – Drums

All music recorded at Shockwave Studios during 2014-2015 by The Watcher except the drums which were recorded/engineered by Havenless at Havenless Studios during the same period.

Produced by The Watcher@Shockwave Studios.
Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Studios

Artwork by Adam Allain
Logo by Vojtech ‘Moonroot’ Doubek
Layout by IK | House of Inkantation


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Fellwarden was a concept forged by The Watcher (Fen, De Arma) back in 2014 to give voice to an epic, exultant form of black metal that nonetheless carries with it echoes of deep lamentation and remembrance.
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Track Name: Guardian Unbound
Unfettered by the fell chains of deference
I bow to no man
Worship no Gods
No creature, no elemental act of savagery
Can cause this will to bend or snap

I travel as I please
My path is unmarked, my destiny unwritten
Driven by the cause of the just
The heathen cry of righteousness
The thunderous pulse of vengeance
Resonates my soul like a storm

Rivers of time run with blood
The blood of those who would oppose
In defiance of persecution, I stand like rock
Anchored as roots in earth
Stoic as the shoulders of mountains
Glacial giants that stand in the face of the millennial winds.

From the darkest forests of the valley floor
To the snow-capped cairns where eagles soar
My dominion knows no limit
My demesne boundless, ageless, timeless

I turn my eyes to a wind-burned landscape
And fix my gaze with purpose
I raise my arms to the storm-charged skies
And scream my defiance in wordless rage

A spirit gilded by burning resolve
A paragon of the stoic in an age of treachery
A soul-guide to those who drift, lost and afraid
A banner-bearer for the essence of honour
A brooding scion who’s fate thus knows no end
A totem of iron-bound vigilance
A weaver of destiny, master of time
A clarion call summons those of this line
A guardian unbound
Track Name: Sun of Ending
Beneath the sanguine glare of a sky on fire
The sun sets on this land for one final time
One last dawn, one last sunset, one last twilit halo
As we stand to embrace the everlasting night

Wolves howl, first one and then another
A pack gathering in the descending shroud of twilight
We open our eyes and look to the stars
And the silvery shard of the moon

The last flames of sol drench a blackening horizon
The shadows stretch, reaching and distended
Clawing a landscape that begins to shiver
Within the enfolding embrace of eternal dusk

The final flare of the death of day
Burns a soul already scoured with sorrow
Beaten and broken, I sink to weary knees
As the dwellers in shadow circle

And so huddled in torchlight, we steel our resolve
A union born of fear that gathers strength
With the passing of each moon and the forging of will
We sing our songs of defiance

Our voices ring as one
Against the onyx shield of the sky
Our torches burn as sol reborn
Burning as spirits that remain forever undimmed
Track Name: In Death, Valiant
Great pyres will burn in celebration of sacrifice
Those who lay down their lives in mute rectitude
Our songs will chime in leaf-dappled valleys
The forests will ring with thy names

A storm is coming, the skies thus darken
Moonlight gleams upon oceans of iron
Shadows reach across heath-shrouded hills
Murderous intent exhales

Feet planted on the black earth
Sword-haft gripped, eyes like flint
None shall pass whilst breath in thy body moves
Unyielding. Remorseless.

Guardian until death!

Bound in life to honour
Bound in death to glory
A credo of stone
A code of iron

To defend with full force
To repel those who would defile
To stand, steadfast and unbreakable
To the very end

These cold rivers run with the blood of the slain
Soils steeped in tragedy and ruin
Yet stained with sorrow though it may be
The bedrock of these fells remains unbroken

I fall – alone and unmourned,
I fall – unwitnessed my passing
I fall – unsung my song of ending
In death, valiant.
Track Name: Wayfarer Eternal
I am cursed
To wander forever alone
I am condemned
To stand in solitude and defiance

My farsight takes wing
To soar beyond
The comings of man, the dawn of our kin
To a world untouched by patterns of malice

I have witnessed the seas rise and fall
Watched mountains carved from the primordial bedrock
I have seen walls of ice march and collapse
A landscape shaped by conflict and violence

Winds that scour soils untouched by humanity
And scream across fells of verdant promise
They howl of a doom yet to come
As stygian clouds gather upon the horizons of millennia

I am cursed To drift, solemn and bereft
I am condemned
To carve a solitary path
And gaze upon a scouring of all that was once radiant

I watch the doom of ages roil and rend
Earthpower dwindling in the face of exultant malic
My eyes burn with the coming of chaos
The scourge of despite, the will of desecration
Tearing at the very seams of reality
Venom and corruption, a raging thirst.

I am the first and last of my era
A soul-shadow that sours adrift
On vortices that sing with the songs of loss

I take their voices within me
Embrace the many choirs of sorrow
As the land is shaped and reshaped one hundred times or more
And the black fog of malediction descends like a shroud,
I remain: Unbowed, resolute, Eternal.
Track Name: A Cairn-Keepers's Lament
Track Name: Sorrowborn
I come from a line of kings
Long forgotten, long dead, long interred in ancient soils
Their bones naught but a latticework
Of old memories that thread beneath these hills.

Flesh merged with earth
Spirit with roots
An essence left to drift
On the sad winds of time

I am the last of my line and in strife was I sired
Forever the bitter taste of slaughter upon my tongue
To an age of blood I have come and only pain awaits
Sovereignty my gift and sorrow my reward

Eyes that witnessed the death of their father
Burn steadfast with the vengeance born of righteousness
Alone, I traverse the ways of the old ones
Before the barrow of my ancestors, I cry out for wisdom

Centuries of woe bleeds through this earth
Threnodies stir the very stones of these chambers
A single voice travels forlorn on the nightwinds
A desperate prayer beseeching for guidance

For thine was an age of glories now dust
A kingdom flourishing on pillars of honour
Gilded by the strength of the steadfast
A radiating brilliance painting this land

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